Comic for School for Applied Art and Design in Zagreb

On March 22nd 2020, there was an earthquake in Croatia. Amongst others, my high school School for Applied Art and Design in Zagreb was heavily damaged inside. It can not be reopened until it is repaired. School for Applied Art and Design is the oldest art school in Croatia, and it is having its 140th anniversary.

To help the school raise funds for the repair, I created a comic in which the school is the main actor. The Governing Boards of the Association of Former Students of SPUD Zagreb – UBU printed 140 copies, which I numbered and signed. When someone donates a certain amount to the school, they would receive a copy as a token of appreciation.

To kickstart the donation, the school decided to put a banner with my comic on the facade of the building under the windows of my former classroom and 20 other pages from my A.C. 2020 comic series in front of it.