Heads and Tails

"In this imaginative picture book, designer and illustrator Mirko Ilić combined various animals and created from them new mythological or completely amusing creatures whose bodies you can arrange in more than a hundred combinations and get unusual and strange creatures while also learning their names in six languages - Croatian, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian."

The idea for this book is not only for the kids to learn how to spell the animals' names but also to learn them in six European languages. The market for this book for now is primarily Europe.

I wanted to create a book that's interesting and interactive. And I wanted to achieve that without special effects, die-cutting, foldouts, etc.
That way, the price of the book stays low. For interaction, I use the existing format of the book. Holding certain amount pages of the book in the middle, one can get different combinations of the images/animals on the left and right pages.

The book is published by Bodoni, an imprint of the Croatian publishing company Fraktura.