The Miracle in Šargan

My illustrations for the Latin and Cyrillic versions of the poster design for the play "The Miracle in Šargan" for "JDP-Yugoslav Drama Theater" in Belgrade, Serbia.

The cult play by Ljubomir Simović premièred in 1974, and it explores the themes of cruelty and suffering as well as the deeply rooted conviction that suffering is inevitable. Simović weaves the stories of a selection of morally dubious characters gathered in the Šargan tavern, lost somewhere on the outskirts of a city but also the world, into a complicated tapestry hanging somewhere between the past and the future. The play gives us an insight into the reasons behind cruelty but also an opportunity to question whether the vicious circle of suffering and the need to inflict it on others, can be broken.

Throughout the entire play, constant heavy rain is emphasizing the suffering and cruelty of the characters.