The Vast Domain



Latin and Cyrillic version of the poster Siroka zemlja (The Vast Domain) for Yugoslav Drama Theater in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Vast Domain (Das weite Land) is a play by the Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler, which focuses on 1890s Viennese society, demonstrating the effects of upper class codes of behavior on human relationships.

"A play that combines detailed psychology with a portrait of a society.... What the play shows us is couples indulging in a polite sexual excuse me behind which lurks panic, death and an insane preoccupation with honour.... What is fascinating is that the action is conducted against a background of tennis parties, trips to the Dolomites, charade like affairs and summerhouse banter against Art Deco panels. Everything suggests a world of golden leisure and civilized deceit. But what Schnitzler shows us is the corrosive effect of habitual lying on this Smiles of a Summer Night' atmosphere and the destructive impact of the hero's contaminated sense of honour. I think it's a marvelous play because it pinpoints decadence with wit and irony."